October 10, 2009

He's here.

Quite a bit earlier than we had expected, but we're thrilled he's here and doing as well as is he is.

Calder Carlson Hess

October 8, 2009 4:34 am

3 lbs 2 oz and 15 1/5" long


Kim Youra Photography said...

Oh my goodness! I wan't expecting this news already! What a tiny little peanut! Congratulations on the little man. I'd love to hear the birth story when you get a chance. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world little man. What a strong fighter you are. We can't wait to meet you.
Much Love,
Rob (Premie 1) Andrea (Premie 2) Ellie (Premie 3)Johnson

Stormy said...

Congratulations Hess'! What a sweatheart! Cannot wait to meet Calder in person and give hugs to you all.

Jean said...

Congratulations! What a cute little guy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Two has a name! Hold strong little one :)

Love you guys-
Cory, Christina, Hannah and JP