February 24, 2011

We're Ready

Calder got his first pair of barn boots.

We're ready for a wet, muddy spring on the farm. Or at the very least, some good puddle stomping. We're ready whenever you are Mother Nature. Sooner rather than later. Thanks.

February 21, 2011

The Ordinary Week

My last post made me think: What exactly did we do this week that made it go so quickly? I looked back at the week's photos. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Maybe it's those ordinary weeks that go the quickest. Those that we really need to pause and appreciate before they're gone - onto another sort of ordinary. I'm still amazed at how quickly these little change our ordinary.

This week in between our outside play and some naps we:

: : Jumped and rolled around together on the big bed. Which doesn't seem so big when all four of us are in it at once. : :

: : Checked our our next chapter book, The Wizard of Oz. We're down to the last couple of chapters in Charlotte's Web. This mama still in awe of the interest in chapter books by my three year old. : :

: : Had an indoor picnic that required bringing every snack out of the pantry. A sampling of sorts, everything was tried. : :

: : Did some art - a collage of cut up paint chips. Leftovers from Zac's office makeover. He didn't have any idea the direction he wanted to take it. I did, but wanted him to come to my direction on his own. There are lots of discarded paint chips for art now. For me this project was a lesson in letting go. I set her up, then had to bit my tongue as she glued many chips color side down. Her project her way. : :

: : Made bread, left to rise in the warm sun of the patio door. It drew curious littles, keeping vigilant watch over the process. After a quick explanation of why we can't touch it, Piper quickly told Calder all about it - as if she'd known all along. : :

And some things, luckily, change more slowly. My toddler still looks like a baby when he sleeps. Sigh!

February 18, 2011

This and That

Gah! Where did the week go?! I know I promised you water park stuff. But after going through the camera there really wasn't much that is post worthy.

We went to the Wilderness with another family. We had fun, so much in fact that neither of us took pictures at any of the parks. That's fine we have the memories. Piper had fun. Was up for trying most things. Didn't wan't to go down the dark tunnel ride by herself. But was thrilled with the wave pool. After going in a time or two with Zac she offered to take me in it. And took me she did. She was quite specific on what we needed to do. First I had to get us a tube, then get us in it - her on my lap, then paddle us to to the far part where the waves start (that part was much harder than anticipated). Yes, we had fun.

We've been having some unexpected, but most welcome, warm weather. We went for our first spring walk! Tried to visit our new local park. The paths were still snow covered so getting up the hill with Piper's stroller proved difficult. The snow hand just begun to melt. It was just so nice to be out and walking around with out freezing every exposed piece of skin.

We did a little bit of playing on our patio and 'yard'. Its fortunate that our patio is just off the yard in front of our building. A bit of space for us to play in.

Calder did some shovel work. Or so he thought.

Piper ran around that tree and acted like the yard was huge! Bless her heart for making me feel better about not having a yard for the littles. She made the most of the space she had, searching in the trees, bushes, and rocks for 'nature'.

With spring on my mind, I'm hoping to container garden on our humble patio. Anyone have experience, tips or resources to share?

February 11, 2011

An Excuse

Ah, how fast your knitting unravels. All those hours I put in on Super Bowl Sunday were quickly undone on Tuesday afternoon. I bound off and tried it on...not what I wanted. Proceed to unraveling. Hours of knitting comes undone in under five minutes I tell you. Slightly disheartening. I saw it as a opportunity, an excuse, to use my new toy.

I'm working on this large (huge!) project for Zac and since I'm no longer frequenting the local yarn shop in Stoughton where they let you use their swift and ball winder, I invested in my own. Well the ball winder - I've yet to find a good deal on a swift. I'm not the only one excited about this addition to our home. Zac was happy that he wouldn't have to hold a skein of yarn while I slowly and tediously wound it into a ball. Then he found out the winder replaces only my job in that process. For the time being I think a chair can do Zac's job, however.

And the littles, well how can a little not love something like a ball winder.

Both littles love to turn the handle and watch the yarn wind up. Calder is a bit easier to convince that he needs some assistance. Piper just has at it, turning this way, then that way, and creates a little rats nest of her yarn scraps.

Zac's been home with us all week. He's on vacation. I asked when I get vacation. He joked that I should have checked the 'benefits package' when I accepted this job - after three years I get one night a week of yoga, after five I start to accrue vacation days. Lucky, for me the other benefits of this job far out weigh those. And most days/weeks all I need is my one night off for yoga and maybe a little time alone in my closet. Over all, it's been an uneventful week. We did, though, take a little getaway on Wednesday and Thursday. More on that to come.

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!

February 08, 2011

So 'They' Won

I'm a bit behind in posting. Sunday was the Super Bowl. A big day (mostly for Zac) even though 'our' team wasn't playing. We went to the same Super Bowl party we did last year. Although, last year it just required a walk across the street. This year we had to drive 25 minutes from Madison. It's quite the crowd at this party. All Bears fans. And the folks that host the party aren't into football. Fun none the less. Mostly the kids got to play and I got nearly four hours of intermittent knitting time. Piper did get into the game, despite her realization that she had no "Packer Backer" (I think she may think that is the full team name) gear. She even made up a cheer after the second half that she used. 'Lets go Packer Backers, lets go!' Best of all, she enjoyed that Black Eyed Peas was the half time show and even started to imitate some of their dance moves. Cute and funny! And when the Packer Backers won she threw her arms up in the air and cheered but was most concerned with if Grandpapa was happy about that.

Our contribution to the party snacks was a first for us - and I *think* a last. Bacon brownies. At some point during last week we saw a documentary on bacon and they showed these bacon brownies a restaurant serves. Zac immediately said we needed to make them and bring them to the party. A quick search for a recipe and we had our plan. They were alright. Interesting texture. Rich. I thought they'd be excellent, being a fan of sweet and salty. I had one and have no desire to have another. Surprising considering my love of anything chocolate.

Sorry to all you vegetarians friends. I used to be one of you - alas breastfeeding and a second pregnancy got the best of me. Way to ruin a good pan of brownies with meat!

We hope you all had a wonderful Super Bowl.