January 28, 2010


I recently read that you can judge how you're doing as a parent by how your children act. Not in the way most often thought. Sure a well behaved kid may be the result of good parenting. But it could just as easily be fear induced. Maybe I should say, how your children play. I'm referring to how your children mimic you, mirror you while they play. Since reading that I started to watch Piper and how she plays in relation to something we do as parents. Of course she uses the word no, what kid doesn't, even though we try to limit our own use. Much more consciously as of late. We strive to parent in a loving, kind way. So what a happy mama was I when I repeatedly see her

nursing her baby, Chloe

loving on and responding quickly with genuine concern when they fussed or got hurt

carrying her baby

And sewing - always for someone else, and baking loads of cookies (oops). I suppose so far so good.

Hope you're liking what you see in your homes.

January 25, 2010


Something of Mondays to be uneventful. After nap time we were racking our brains for something fun to do. A little out of our normal routine. We concluded play dough must be made.

Previously, I've made it then Piper plays with it. I ventured out this time and let her help make it. She was the perfect (-ly messy) small helper.

Jumped right into the opportunity to scoop flour into the pan, dump out salt, stir, taste (hmmm) and stir some more. All before we even turned on the heat.

In the end we divided the dough to make two colors: blue and red (err, pink). Resulting in hours of entertainment. Many flowers for Calder and I, a crayon roll or two, a fisher, a goat, a bunny, a butterfly earring for her to wear, and a heap of 'peace pie.' The colors have been sufficiently mixed together. Surely next time it comes out to play, it'll be purple-ish.

Sorry for the picture heavy post, think of it as compensation for the picture light previous post.

January 24, 2010

Weekend Doings

There are no pictures from our weekend. Its unfortunate. We had a time. But really what would I show; the mess of project spread far and wide over the dining room table, the dirty dishes and pan from the pulled pork we brought to footballing at the neighbors?

Oh yes, I know, pictures from our night at the roller derby. Specifically, the Mad Rollin' Dolls Roller Derby. Opening night and quite the crowd. That is the down side of having the large (but very nice) camera we do. I opted to leave it home, choosing to not have to fight it through the crowd. Already being larger in the front that normal. There were lots of ladies on skates, wild hair and costumes/uniforms for Piper to see. And of course an auntie and her boyfriend to entertain. We never knew that roller derby had so many rules. Forty-one pages worth we're told. Being new to this we spent much of the first bout getting a grasp of the sport. But what fun. Such competition and camaraderie amongst the teams. It was like a family, a sisterhood to be more precise. A sport full of its own ritual. When a player was injured everything stopped - everything, the music, the commentary and all skaters, from all teams, dropped to their knees. I think we'll be back.

On another completely unrelated subject, I wanted to share some of our current books in rotation for the little book worms in your life. I like to choose our books in themes - I know, quirky - our current theme is winter and those things related. Most are a general winter tale but there is one specific to the solstice. I'm liking the winter books so much that I'm planning on doing a seasonal book selection. Keeping them out for all of their appropriate season in addition to our other books.
The Mitten by Jan Brett: A favorite of many I'm sure. In Piper's words, 'about a boy Nicki.' But so much more than that. A wonderful interpretation of an Ukrainian folktale.

It's Snowing by Olivier Dunrea: A cute read about a mama showing her baby about the snow.

The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader: A lovely tale of how the animals and birds of the hill and woodland prepare for the change of season and then endure the winter.

Just a few of the large group we're enjoying right now. I'm hoping the winter book reading will inspire me to finish up the winter nature table.

January 18, 2010

A Day of Laze

Not much was done today. We read many books. Listened to much music, made some of our own using thread spools from the serger. And made a few snowflakes, a small obsession with the ladies of the house, which were later discarded as too fuzzy for our liking. Yesterday's unfinished chores left for later, yet again. Mostly we just sat around, holding on to each other - another obsession amongst the ladies of the house.

January 17, 2010

Weekend Doings

Our weekend was full of fun times, new experiences and family. With the weather mild we ventured out to try our hand (feet) at ice skating. The adults had not been on the ice in many, many years. Our little loves had never been on the ice. Daunting at first, but after the protesting was abandoned Piper decided that she liked it. Calder remained snug and warm in the mei tai with mama. Things were a little frostier this morning. Amazing how nature is still full of beauty in such a dreary season.

: : Ice skating : :

: : Morning view : :

Hoping your weekend was full of much the same.

January 14, 2010

I've Found It!

...sort of. My 'groove' that is. After three months with two littles I've gotten some time in my day to sew. I owe a lot of it to my littlest going along with my desire (maternal need) to nurse exclusively. Frees up time bottle feeding; the prep time, the time to acquire the contents of said bottle, not to mention the associated dish washing time. Up until a few weeks ago, the only crafting that was being done by me was in the form of knitting. Solstice gifts for two of my loves and for no reason items for my little guy. Oh but now, in addition to finding time to do some house work, I've sewn a dozen crayon rolls, a car organizer, a dress for a special lady, a jacket for a neighbors new baby girl, and this.

A bag to dispense our hankies. I came across this great idea on a craft blog and I've been planning on making this since the end of summer. Shortly after my mom bestowed upon me a collection of hankies from my great grandmother - I do believe some are from my grandmother too. They are so neat. One of the very few family heirlooms we have and we blow our nose in them. It feels so quaint, and we like to think Mother Earth thanks us for it. Piper loves to use them and even has her favorites. My intention was to make them a little more accessible to get at than a box on a shelf. I *think* this will work, even for Piper. Plus, no more need to fold after laundering them! Now for a little time to make bread again. That may be asking a bit much.

Oh yes, Piper wanted to show off her favorite gift from her tea party. Some thrifted old lady clip-on earrings. She wore them two days straight - to the point of marks on her lobes that lasted for three days. I suspect those marks will be back tomorrow.

January 10, 2010

Tiny Tea Party

Piper had a wonderful tea party with her friends. Thank you to everyone that celebrated (with) her. We had a little lady on a bit of a sugar high on our hands, she's never in her life had so much sugar in one day let alone one sitting. Oh, she found a love for frosting. We topped off the day with some hot tubbing and dinner with three aunties and an uncle.

Hope you all had fun weekending. We did. And now we rest.

January 06, 2010


Two years ago today our life changed - for the better, much better, as we brought a little soul into this wide world. Right here in the comfort and warmth of our home. Piper has brought such joy to our little family. She's a funny, sweet, smart, gloriously happy little lady. She is so her and we wouldn't change a thing about her.

All kinds of fun celebrating today. A simple day, but fun. Made up of things that she truly enjoys and asks for on many of our days.

: : bacon 'mac-e-roni' dinner : :

: : a little something made by mama : :

And more fun to come...

We love you Sweet P! ~ Mama and Papa

January 05, 2010

Hopes for Warmth

Over the weekend Piper had the opportunity to go shopping. She acted like a pro - a girl that has been to the mall a total of one time. I guess Auntie taught her well. Piper browsed and went through racks as if looking for her size. Finally she found what she wanted...sandals, pink(!) sandals.

She wanted to wear them on the way home. We let her, explaining that its winter and there is snow. Her feet would be cold. Piper confidently told us that her feet wouldn't be cold. Maybe she hopes for summer already. We let her try it. She beamed as she stood next to the snow bank saying, it's not cold. Since then she's worn them on a daily basis - inside. Asks for help putting them on, then prances around for a while. Alas, off to the next thing.

Today it was making sure Calder was properly attired with blankets. Then forcing her likes upon her little brother - as every good big sister does. And as every good little brother does, he happily obliged her.