October 26, 2010


We did a bit of farming over the weekend. Then we survived our first sick-little-and-mama-sleepless-night.

Wish you (and us) health and wellness this week!

October 12, 2010

Our Calder Man

Our little man turned one year old! Seems like just yesterday we embarked on our journey with Calder as part of our family. He's brought a little bit of trial and a lot of joy to our life. He's smart, beautiful, loving (loves his mama most of all) and loved - so loved. Now if only he'd let me sleep through the night!

We hosted a small party in his honor. We had unseasonably warm weather, a record temperature for this date- in fact. Our fall party wasn't so fall-ish. Without the cool weather we anticipated there was no bonfire or hot apple cider. But it was nice just the same.

He's SO loved!

October 06, 2010

Apple Picking

We've already been once to the orchard this year. This round we invited some friends. My sister and the two kids (my friend's) that she nanny's for. The weather was great! The trees hung low, heavy with apples so the little girls could reach to pick their own.

Our mission this time was not picking enough to put by what we make with them. Instead it was to get just enough for fresh applesauce for our special little guy on his upcoming very special day. Oh my, has it already been a year?!

And such a cute little guy he is - I could just eat him up!

This one too, I suppose!