April 27, 2010

Anyone, please?

We've had a slow start to the week. Busy doing nothing. Over the weekend I came across something I think sounds very fun. I want to do this project, Week in the Life, and probably will. But I'm looking for some support. Anyone, please, anyone want to play a long with me?

I, unlike my mother and her mother, am not a journal-er. I kept one after Calder was born - I made it a mere six weeks. At least he can read back on those weeks when he's a grown man. Better than the nothing Piper has to look forward to. Also, I'm not a scrapbooker, but this looks simple enough to me. On the up side I do take quite a few pictures throughout our days and weeks. I think I can handle taking a multitude of them daily for a week. However, I think having others play along, will make me accountable for doing it and getting it done.

So again I ask...anyone, please?

April 23, 2010

{this moment}

I know there are to be no words today. But we've had a busy week and I feel that there is more to share before it gets too far out. Above is my {this moment} from the week. The joys of new tricks.

Happy Earth Day! from yesterday. I hope you all got a chance to love your Mother. We went to our first, of many - I *hope*, midway picnics. Basically, where we meet my family half way between our homes for a picnic and playing at a park. This year we've added two new members to our picnic. My oldest brother, who recently became a stay-at-home-papa, and his gorgeous girl. My mama took pictures, maybe she'll have some she'll want to share.

Edit: The three pictures above come from Grandpapa and Marmar - of the midway picnic. Thanks!

We also had a day dedicated to the Papa of the house this week. He celebrated one more trip around the sun. Simple is usually best in our house so we settled for a special dinner, partially cooked by him, finished off with strawberry shortcake. How ever I couldn't resist Piper's enthusiasm for the day and requests to put up the party banner. After all we hang it on most special days at our house.

April 21, 2010

A Dedication

Today is dedicated to my lover, partner and friend. This one's for you Babe!

April 19, 2010

Weekend Doings

What a wonderful weekend. Spring weather all the way through. Some sun, some warmth, a lot of wind - we lost most of our started seeds when the tray blew off the picnic table. Hoping we have time to restart before planting time is upon us.

We started our weekend off with Calder and I attending a Holistic Health Care workshop Friday evening while Papa and Piper had their first solo date. A movie - a first for Piper. She did about as well as we had thought, lost interest part way into it and took off to playing. But excitedly told me about the puppy dog movie she saw with Papa the next morning.

Saturday we went to a bowling party. Our little lady dressed up for the occasion. Oh how I love her style. Barn boots to bowling - why not!? Paired with one of my favorite of her skirts. A brightly colored, flouncy number I made her last fall. She bowled a few frames with some help, then off to twirl, dance, and chase with some cousins.

Zac beat us, again. Beat everyone if I'm to trust my memory. He did bowl a practice game at lunch on Friday though. But in all fairness even without practice he always wins.

Calder and I teamed up to bowl together. We came in just behind Zac. Not. to. shabby. I give Calder full credit.

Sunday came with a bit of yard work, a bit of a run (oh yes siblings of mine I will not be the only Carlson that's not a runner), and a bit of alone Mama-rejuvenation time at the corner antique mall. With two littles about now, I've found that I need to really work to carve out a bit of solo time to recollect. Keep me fresh in my parenting. The icing on my hour alone cake was the small treasures I walked home with. Giddy I tell you.

Hoping your weekend was beautiful!

April 15, 2010

A Good Morning

We woke up early (for us) this morning, for no particular reason. Normally this would make me groan, thinking that it will be a long day for an overly tired little one. But the windows were open and the fresh air was breezing in. I could hear the birds singing just beyond the windows and a little voice reading books to herself in the next room. I could see the sun was shining through the curtains and another little one smiling big from his spot at my side. I embraced it all and repeated my spring affirmation. I wasn't going to worry about crab that hadn't come to fruition yet, or the unwashed dishes from dinner last night, or even how behind I am on a project 'due' Saturday. I was just going to enjoy the day, and the outdoor play that was sure to come.

Recently our go-to outdoor play is drawing on the sidewalk. Piper received some sidewalk chalk this spring for the first time. She so loved the idea of drawing on the sidewalk and repeatedly talked about how the neighbor girl drew on the sidewalk. Our drawing sessions usually consist of all three (sometimes four) of us sitting, Calder in my lap, on the ground with the basket of chalk. Piper dictating what should be drawn by me while she makes her marks on the concrete. I don't fancy myself a artist, but so long as the requests are simple I can oblige - at least to her satisfaction.

Our home is just off the river trail in town. This means that we have many a jogger, walker and biker come down our sidewalk. I thought that we should spread a little cheer to all those that wander past us. I decided to write out a feel-good saying on our walk, a little something to provoke a smile, replacing them as it rains or wears off. I made myself a list to work off of. I feel much more confident about my penmanship than my drawing - this makes even makes me excited to use the chalk on the sidewalk.

You are my sunshine! Hope you have a wonderful day.

** If you're interested our spring break farming adventures were featured on the new Ninepatch blog yesterday. **

April 13, 2010

Back Together At Last

Photo by Piper

OoOoAhAh, Piper's trusty-do-everything-with friend, was on hiatus in the back of Zac's car since the last time she was in it - months ago. We were surprised when she left him in there and shocked that she hadn't asked for him since. Yesterday, we got in his car and they were reunited - AT LAST! A joyous reunion for her. Somehow he didn't get a bath while in the backseat, how could that be?!

Old friends back together, a relationship that picked up right where they left off. The last two days have been spent doing things with him, for him, to him, kissing him and mostly just rubbing him on her face.

Sorry Chloe, she just loves her monkey.

April 12, 2010


The weather was beautiful around here over the weekend. Perfectly spring like. Perfect for days spent out of doors. Today we're enjoying a perfectly timed spring rain.
Each year we say no more shuffling, adding, subtracting of plants and beds in our yard. But spring comes and we submit to the pull - the pull of how much nicer things will look if we just do this, or that. So we did - this weekend, both days were spent in the yard digging, moving, watering.
With spring filling our spirits, I felt having, and sharing, a few spring affirmations was in order. To help me make the most of the wonderful renewal that's happening all around us outside - to bring it inside too.

With each step, I will be grounded like the earth beneath my feet.

Today I will bloom like a flower and let my worries melt into the earth and into the sky.

Today may my soul be surrounded in peace and my energy balanced.

Please share your spring affirmations. Hoping you had a lovely weekend!

April 08, 2010

Half a Year

Could it be? Have we really spent half a year together already?! Indeed we have. We've loved every - even the hard ones - minute of it. We're so blessed to have Calder in our lives. He's a happy, funny, smiley, growing and changing everyday little-big man. He completes our little family perfectly. And has yet to out grow the completely adorable surprise at the flash. How long will these wide-eyed photos last?

We've been busy. The littles and I spent last Thursday and Friday at Ninepatch for 'spring break'. The weather was gorgeous. Sunny like you wouldn't believe. Shoes and socks off, pants rolled up, tank top wearing warm. And productive, I just love how there is always projects to be done when extra helping hands are aplenty.

A weekend at the other end of the state with Zac's family, then off Monday morning to tag along on Zac's business trip. How five hours in the car seems like ten when one of the passengers is a nursling. The littles and I spent Monday evening and Tuesday on our own in Minneapolis while Zac tended to business. Complete with a full day at the Minnesota Children's Museum. Had we not had to pick Zac up we could have spent two or three more hours there. Full of fun, play based learning. Its unfortunate when you remember to bring your camera and then leave the SD card in your car when you transfer to the rental car. How many fun pictures I saw, but missed documenting.

Yesterday was spent tackling the large To-do list of catch up around here. We're starting to settle back in. Realizing that we're all home-bodies, who like being in our space and our bed most of all.