September 30, 2010

Our Laundry

First of all a happy fall to everyone! I was a little delayed in posting our changing of the seasons, then it just seemed too late. We marked the occasion with fresh off the needles fall hats for the littles, a cleaning of the nature table and putting out the fall books. Oh, and some mums for the mama.

On a more fun, well for the littles it was, note - we took a trip to the laundromat. I do believe that Piper may have been there once before, but was too young to remember. Exciting to see a big laundry room filled with lots and lots of machines.

Calder was memorized watching the washing through the front window. Until he discovered riding in the laundry carts. Where he kept trying to pull up on the side unless I was in constant motion with them.

For me, all I could think of was the nights Zac and I spent in this very spot before we put in our laundry room. When we'd put off doing laundry until every last stitch of clothing had been worn and we were out of socks. And even then we'd try to hold off until dollar wash Wednesday. We'd fill a whole row of machines. Try to stagger the drying so that the fold pile wasn't as daunting. And we'd just sit there together, alone. I thought of how thankful I am for the laundry room I have in our home. Even when the laundry hamper never seems to be empty. I'm thankful for the lack of time we have, alone, to just sit together, as much as I'm thankful for the moments we do have.

September 20, 2010

Weekend Doings

Football season has begun. Sunday is a highlight of Zac's week now. A day when everyone, but the mama, dresses to cheer on their beloved Bears. Zac beams like the proud papa he is when Piper starts chanting, 'bear down Chicago Bears!'

Hope your weekend was just as filled with cheer as ours.

September 17, 2010


Whoa, where have we been?! Well, there was some pesto making and freezing. There was a short trip out of town with Zac's family. Followed by some making of applesauce, canning, making more sauce, canning, making of tomato sauce, canning, trip to the Ninepatch, sauce, and canning. Our pantry is getting stuffed. The canner was finally put away this week, probably not completely for this year but for now.

Seasons are changing around our house. Slowly. Just starting to see some colored leaves. Mornings are cool, as are the evenings. We're seeing the need for jackets on our morning nature walks. Since my camera was in a small hiatus most of while we've been away I thought I'd share what we're seeing these days on our walks.

Happy weekending to you and yours.