May 25, 2011

At the Seashore

We're home from our sea shore vacation to Hilton Head, SC and Atlanta - with a day trip to Savannah and Tybee Island. Short and sweet. We took along my youngest sister - she's the last of the little-loving sisters of mine. Next year we'll have to vacation solo, unless my little brother wants to come help wrangle kids. Zac went out early for his work conference. In his absence, I made due as a single parent. The main portion of our vacation consisted of beaching. 

{Meeting it for the first time for a couple of us.}

{Testing the waters from the safety of Papa's hand - or someone's hand or arms.}

{Lounging and napping in the shade.}

{Exploring in the sand. Piper had a love hate relationship with all that sand.}

{And just taking in the vastness.}

Wishing to get through the rest of the vacation pictures soon. Hoping your week was lovely.

May 12, 2011

The Good Stuff

When I look around I think this, this is good enough. And I try to laugh at whatever life brings. Cuz when I look down I just miss all the good stuff and when I look up I just trip over things.
On our way to the park near our apartment we happened upon a field of dandelions. It was the source of much joy and amazement. Piper was in heaven picking 'flowers' for me. Explaining how we'd put them in a jar of water when we got home, so they wouldn't die. She left happily when her bouquet was as big as her hand could hold. I now have four jars of dandelions lining my counter. I'm one lucky mama, oh, yes I am.

May 11, 2011

"The Shop"

So, it's open. My very own shop. After much encouragement from a few friends and Zac, I decided to go ahead with it. No matter how little time I have or how scary it is to put yourself 'out there' like that. Mostly, I started this whole shop idea because of my jackets. Then came the bowties - which are both fun and a quick sew.

I'm a mama and teacher to my littles first and foremost. That's not going to change. Creator/shop owner is back burner, happening in the free time while the littles sleep or otherwise occupied by the papa. I'm keeping my expectations for this low. Accepting that things will be slow to be added. After all it took over a month to get my first listings complete.

I have to admit part of the excitement over starting my shop came from Zac's suggestion to get my own business cards. Any of you that have my jackets - there are quite a few out in the world now, and would like a card or two to pass out when your little's jacket gets comment. Do they ever get commented on! Let me know, I'll get a few to you. With much appreciation.

I redesigned my tag and had them printed. Complete with care instructions on the back. Oh, how the little things make me giddy.

On the wonderful suggestion of a friend I started a Facebook page for the shop too.

I'm so appreciative and thankful for the support that has brought me here.

May 09, 2011

On Motherhood

This beauty was nearly the entirety of my Mama's Day. Zac let me sleep in until 9, which allowed him time to have Piper make me a card. He helped her write 'Happy Mama's Day Surprise' on it. It's from a Berenstain Bears book, Piper thinks it's the official name of the holiday.  The rest is all her. 

She continues to amaze me with her drawings. Particularly, the people. We've never shown her how to do it, but she keeps evolving her process on her own. This is her best to date. 

In addition, we took a family walk by Lake Monona. It was such a beautiful day. Though young, I truly feel my littles appreciate me daily. Maybe because they're young. But it's nice to have a special day dedicated to what you do with your life. For that's what it is, motherhood is my life! Being a mama is hard, hard work, but I love it. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've developed so much gratitude and sympathy for other mamas in this world by becoming one myself. We're all on our own journeys, with different littles on their own journeys.  Mamas can use love, understanding, and acceptance daily. Trying our best is all we have.

In the past three years: I've inherited, as so many before and after me have, the name Mama. Which is sweet music to my ears. I traded in my 40 hour a week job for one that is 24/7, much harder and so much more rewarding. I've done more research for this job than anything ever before. I've agonized over most every decision I've made. I've learned to never know what to expect, these littles of mine are growing before my eyes. I've begun to wear my heart on the outside - times two. Our days are constantly changing, and I try endlessly to adapt. My hair is longer and my patience is shorter ... but I'm working on that.

Hoping all you beautiful, wonderful mamas out there had a joy filled Mama's Day!

May 03, 2011

Our Favorite Places: The Zoo

The weather has turned, hopefully for good now. It's zoo time again! We've already visited a few times this season. I see many more visits in our future. Overall, it remains unchanged between visits, yet its always fun and interesting for the littles.  Our visit yesterday, with a friend, brought a new addition.  

The lions had a cub. He's six months old and cute. The papa made sure, via lots of noise, that he remained safe.

The primate house is a highlight of every trip. All were inside on our visit, but visible. Cute? Maybe to some. Not like that lion cub. We always have to compare hands to the monkey's and ape's. There just might have been a large growth spurt to suddenly make them monkey sizes. I think we're safe on ape sized...for now. The bears were out, actually most of the animals were out this trip, enjoying the sunshiny day.

 Although it's interesting to see the animals, this is the real highlight of the zoo. Their playground. The ground is soft and there are plenty of things for the smaller littles to do. The rest is just icing on the zoo playground cake.

Zoo trips aren't complete without a ride on the carousel. Calder likes to ride on the animals, he's brave like that. Piper, despite her attraction to the animals, prefers to ride on a bench. She thinks that the 'handlebar' on the animals is too big for her to hold on tight, she's safe like that.