December 22, 2009

Due Date

Our little guy who is just two days shy of eleven weeks was 'due' today. How things would have been different had he come around now. I'm a firm believer that babies come when they are ready (or need to be ready, as the case may be) regardless of our own readiness. And in our case we were wholly unprepared for what challenges came with both our babies, despite the vast difference in their arrival time. Even eleven weeks later, I still have days where I feel completely unprepared for what the day brings. Save those days we're settling in nicely to our little family of four. What a lucky guy to have so many who love him dearly.

Now if I were the type to labor for five days instead of five hours, the project Piper and I - Papa and Piper - the whole family worked on over many days would have made the perfect labor project. Someone should have told me sugar cookies take so long when I told Piper we could do it when she found the cookie cutters in the grocery store. Between the scratchy voiced requests for 'more tea Mama' and 'I want to pee-pee' from our potty learner with a cold, and a LOT of time spent nursing it really did take us five days to complete. I now know why I was banned from baking duties when I was growing up.

We're now up to our ears in cookies. One batch makes too many for our family. This is only half. Next time we'll make half and hope for a two day time line.

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Anonymous said...

5 days- the cookies were delicious! I only wish I savored them more instead of gobbling them down with little regard to the labor of love they were for your family... it was wonderful to see you guys.

- Christina