September 17, 2010


Whoa, where have we been?! Well, there was some pesto making and freezing. There was a short trip out of town with Zac's family. Followed by some making of applesauce, canning, making more sauce, canning, making of tomato sauce, canning, trip to the Ninepatch, sauce, and canning. Our pantry is getting stuffed. The canner was finally put away this week, probably not completely for this year but for now.

Seasons are changing around our house. Slowly. Just starting to see some colored leaves. Mornings are cool, as are the evenings. We're seeing the need for jackets on our morning nature walks. Since my camera was in a small hiatus most of while we've been away I thought I'd share what we're seeing these days on our walks.

Happy weekending to you and yours.

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