October 08, 2011

Calder Turns Two

Today Calder is two. Somewhat hard to wrap my head around that. Seems like just yesterday he shocked us to our core with his arrival. I have many unresolved issues regarding his birth. Ones that I hope not to let Calder know of. Surely he'll ask one day years from now, and I hope at that point I have all the right answers for him. One thing I have no unresolved issues about is the blessing that he is in my life, all our lives.

Calder is such a beautiful, sweet, smart and funny little boy. He has brought such joy to my life. Reminding us that our life is full of amazing, supportive, loving people to be thankful for. Blessing this mama with a relationship that Piper was physically unable to provide. A relationship that he shows no signs of being ready to give up for a long, long while. He's shown us how similar two kids can be, yet how immensely different they are. He's shown me the preciousness of a full nights sleep. This little man is quite the character!

Twenty four pounds and two years later, with out doubt we all love this little man with our whole beings. And he will continue to bless our lives.

This face, or some variation of it, is what we get when he says he's two. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!
Love, hugs, and smiles,
The Johnsons

Anonymous said...

You brought my practically daily tears to my eyes. We hope you had a great birthday little man!


HomeGrownMama said...

Thank you ladies! I'll pass on your wishes.