February 01, 2012

Cranky Spot

A long while ago Piper and I discussed creating her a space to 'retreat' to. A small space for big emotions, if you will. Piper has personality. That's my gentle way of saying what it really is, crabbiness. I'm convinced its genetic. I have my bouts of it still, as a kid I drove many of my family to the brink. Not to say that she's always like that. In fact, usually, quite the opposite. She's bright, caring and happy. However, on occasion I'm frustrated and without answer. 

The other morning it was coming on, Piper turns to me and says, 'I need a crabby room. You said we'd make me a crabby room in my closet.' We abandoned our other activities for the morning and put together a cranky spot. Somewhere she can go to on her own, or prompted, when she needs a bit of time alone. Comfortable and small where she can mellow out and emerge happy. 

Luckily her closet is decent sized and had some empty space to be made. We moved all the clothes to one side and removed the hanging rod. One of the many tension rods I have stashed away came in handy for hanging a remnant of vintage sheet to close off her new space.

Borrowed a couple cushions from the family room to make a soft spot to sit. Pulled out a pillow that went with the crib bedding. Another that my mom made. It's contents is my blanket from childhood. Worn and tattered - and given back to me when I got married, just as I was promised when it was taken from me.

A shelf left with the house was added to hold a stack of books to read while hidden away. Piper added a fairy statue from her stored for winter fairy garden - to have something pretty to look at. I put together a calming jar, a massive amount of glitter in a water and glycerin mixture, for the shelf. She can shake the dickens out of it to match her feelings then calm herself as the glitter falls.

For a bit of cheer we moved the tissue paper pom-poms from over her bed. The tape holding them over the bed wasn't holding well anyway. Just the bit of brightness needed for a closet cranky space.

To battle the dark that comes along with being part of a closet, we put up two of those LED push on/off lights. Zac's brilliant idea! It doesn't make it very light, in my opinion, but Piper claims it works for her.

She's used it once or twice, for the intended purpose. It worked. Her and Calder (who calls it 'new home') go in to hang out. Feeling like it will get some good use, intended or otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Perfect!! I think we all could use such a spot sometimes. Sorry I didn't give you that when you were little...I'm sure even in our 900 sq. ft. home we could've found a spot.
I have noticed that sometimes aromatherapy (fancy word for smells) helps me when I'm particularly stressed. And that takes no space at all! Love, mama marmar

HomeGrownMama said...

Well, Camille claims that I wasn't cranky this young. But I know how just being alone helps. We've tried 'Cranky Pants' aromatherapy. Used it for a long while. Seems to have more of an effect on me. Piper would just complain about the stink - maybe from Grandpapa??