March 01, 2012

Spring on the Mind

We've been having bouts of spring like weather. Which turns our minds to thoughts of spring and working in the dirt. We have a lot of work ahead of us this year, and for some years to come. Seed catalogs started showing up in the mailbox while the temps were till frigid. I browsed them, and handed them over to Piper. Giving her a marker, I offered to let her help pick out the seeds for the year. 

She proceeded to circle everything that caught her eye. Everything! Often telling me, auntie grew these at the farm, we can too!

Apparently, thinking we should grow six varieties of beans, she circled two pages of them. I love the idea that these things were beautiful to her. Hoping, they taste as beautiful as they look. We are still waiting for our two seed orders to come in, should be any day now.

To tide us over, and something we've never grown from seed before, we picked up a few packages of flower seeds. Piper and I have talked about her and Calder having a kids garden this year. Of course flowers is on the top of her 'to grow in the kids garden' list. I added a few of my favorites to grow too. Thinking maybe we could be a little frugal with the flower budget this year, as it always seems to be much pricier to fill a few pots than one would expect. We have other yard related expenses this year to plan for as well.

For a couple days, the littles and I planted flower seeds. It was messy, there were seeds on the floor that were meant for the dirt, and fights over who's turn it was with the spray bottle.

Those fights are likely to continue as we wait for the seeds to sprout. But a mama can always hope that the kids will magically start to share all the time, can't she?

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