January 09, 2013


I unexpectedly found myself with a few hours without kids. {Many thanks to a great Auntie.} When I'm with the little ones I have a list constantly running through my head of things I'd do if given some free time. Then I get it and I can't think of a thing to do. So first I treated myself to a kid free trip to Anthropology. Nothing like being alone in a store so filled with beauty. No need to worry about what was being picked up or potentially knocked over. Then I leisurely sat on the sofa, knit and basted the pork I was going to enjoy alone with my man. Oh the small joys!


Bethany said...

I was only recently informed by _my_ littles' Auntie that there is an Anthropologie in Madison now. I'm pretty psyched to have blog things to look at in real life and not at IKEA and The Container Store. :)

HomeGrownMama said...

Bethany, I suggest you leave the kids with the hubby. :)