August 27, 2009

Sisterly Help

In the last two weeks we've had help of the sisterly kind. Before school starts again for the year I've had each of my youngest sisters here for a week. Last week it was Olivia. Many good things happened, Piper found a new person to read with, color with, read with...oh and did I mention read with? I finally came to the conclusion that I can't wear the one pair of jeans that still fit me for four more months. I sucame to the *its too early to wear maternity clothes* thinking and am more comfortable since.

And what a good week to have Ollie with the cookout last weekend. Which I think we pulled off pretty well. I think a good time was had by all, our family certainly had a good time. I hadn't thought of taking pictures, which I regret now, because I figured most that read this would have experienced it first hand. This picture (courtesy of Stormy) of Piper holding her cousin Brody was just too cute not to post. As you can see she took her 'job' of not dropping him very seriously.

This week we have Willa with us and we've been busy. On this rainy morning Piper and I picked out buttons for Willa to make into a bracelet for Piper. Piper has seen them before and has always had a thing for them. It must be the buttons.

Now she has one in just her size. Colorful enough to match any outfit.

Willa is also uber-organizer-extraordinaire. So one 'quick' (OK really it was a day long) trip to IKEA and we've capitalized on her organizing skills and my slightly premature need to nest. We now have a recycling center (long over due), Piper has a set of metal drawers for all her art supplies, and instead of a million random bags and boxes in the pantry we have this:

We didn't get rid of all the bags/boxes, but it's much improved. Please tell me that this makes everyone as giddy as a small school girl?!


Stormy said...

Love, Love, Love it all. I love the picture of your sweet girl holding my newest creation. I love the bracelet. . . the colors will make anyone smile. And I love the organization. Willa is a girl after my own heart for I too love to organize. I was busy for weeks after getting my label maker.
Thanks again for the invite to the cookout. We had a really nice time.

Irm said...

Lucky little girl to have such a nice aunt to make such a beautiful bracelet. I like the look of the jars where you can see everything. Some day I will be that organized if I ever start to cook.