November 22, 2009

Around Here

Things have been moving a bit slower around these parts in the past few weeks. Aside from those moments we spend with the smallest member of our family. Some how those move faster. When Calder was still Two we were making changes in our little home to better fit our needs and our growing family. It started with our ambitious goal of finishing our house to-do list and morphed into additional adjustments. Some small, some larger to make the most of our small home and make the space we do have work best for us and our evolving family. After Calder's arrival things were put on hold and then eventually resumed but at a much slower pace. At last things seem to be coming together and this is what we have been working on while waiting for us all to be together:
: : I know many are eagerly awaiting an update on Calder. He's doing well, up to 5# 13oz. We hope to know more tomorrow about his homecoming.

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Irm said...

Your new office space is great! Your little home is so cute, I love to just look around it everytime I come , because there is always something different. You both know how to make a house a home. Love, Mom