November 04, 2009

These Days

In the last few days Piper and I worked on an art project. Something we've not done in a few weeks and missed dearly. She did the fun part. I did the cutting part. She got to get all messy with the finger paints and had herself quite a time. (Anyone else notice that wearing art smocks, unless they cover the full body, doesn't necessarily mean there will be no paint on the clothing underneath? And they most certainly do not protect the artist's face!)

When all was said and done I was inspired to wash the floor (no better reason to do that other than post art project clean up) and we had a kitchen sized piece of paper that needed to dry for a day - really it did!

We, O.K. I, then turned said sheet of paper into to these...leaves. Piper's new found obsession. Oodles come in from outside with nearly every trip in the door. Part of them ended up taped to our living room windows, they are quite cute when the sun shines through them, and a few were taken to decorate Calder's room.

After all the sweet babe is in an open air crib now, he must have some new decorations to look at. Even better that they are big sister made.

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