June 15, 2010

New Orleans: Vol 2

I thought New Orleans - despite the heat/humidity, was so fun. Maybe I'm easily amused or what I'd rather think is that I was enjoying this vacation through the eyes of my two year old. I think we had the opportunity to do some things that brought simple pleasures to our days.

We took a few street car rides. These amazingly cute, bright red, clean and well-kept trolleys that you could ride for $1.25. It took Olly and I a bit of convincing for Piper to be excited about her first ride. But when she finally saw it coming down the track towards us she was giddy with excitement and ran up and down the platform. She even had her picture taken with some Asian tourists - they liked her blond hair.

We went to a spectacular aquarium right on the Mississippi River. We got to watch and learn how they feed the penguins. Olly got to touch a sting ray, or two, or three. There was a huge Gulf themed tank that was in part sponsored by BP! Anyone else find that ironic!? I took a picture of the sign but as I was sharing pictures with Zac my SD card went on the fritz.

Calder and Piper sneaking a quick kiss between exhibits.

Possibly my favorite excursion: the ferry ride. We took the free ferry across the river to the island of Algiers. We intended to go on the walking tour and see the site of the slave trade but weren't able to get our hands on the tour map that was promised on the ferry. Instead we walked around a bit, had some lunch and rode the ferry back - riding in the air conditioned compartment this time.

One day towards the end of our trip, we went took a horse (mule really) drawn carriage ride of the French Quarter. Piper didn't take her eyes off Shine, the mule. We learned quite a bit about the history and all the celebs that live/lived in the area which we could have done without. Our tour guide showed us all the great spots to eat. We wished we had taken the tour early on and saved ourselves from our daily search for a good place to have dinner.

Well that's it folks. The highlights of our trip. We're settling back into our regular routine and doing a lot of pretending to take more airplane rides. Keeping in practice for next time I suppose.

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