June 02, 2010

Where We've Been

So where have we been? We spent our long holiday weekend finishing our to-do list of house projects. We were working on a dead line this time. Tuesday was a big day for us.

We've listed our home for sale! The time has come for this little family to move on (pun intended) from our home. We've finally outgrown our humble home. Its hard to actually leave, as we thought it would be. This is our first home, we grew up here - bought it when we were 22 and 23, where we began our family - right here in the dining room, and grew our family into four. We've enjoyed many happy times in this home, and a few sad ones. Countless hours of our sweat, hard work and love have gone into making this house our home. Its a strange feeling to see all this life we've lived here reduced to a couple of sentences and a bunch of pictures. This home will forever hold a dear place in our hearts.

We now focus on a busy weekend and week to come. Littles and I will be off Friday to attend one of my sister's high school graduation. Hard to think this happened for me 11 years ago now! Then bring said sister home with. All five of us will leave early Saturday morning to catch a flight to a little vacation and a little work (for Zac).

Till then, enjoy your days.


Mom said...

I Love All The Pictures of your little house. You took what you brought and made it into home. I always loved your little house from day one! But, you are right, time to move on to something bigger. I still love the yellow door that I brought from your house. A little piece of history. Don't forget to take a snip of perennial to your new home. Love, Mom

HomeGrownMama said...


Thanks. We've loved it from the start too. We looked back at the pictures from when we bought the house and weren't quite sure what we were thinking. Apparently, back then we could 'see' what it would be and the life we'd live here.

And we've written dividing perennials into our sales paperwork. :)

Be well,