December 13, 2010

Mmmm, Smells Like Fresh Baked Pretzels!

We had a family baking night recently. Which was so much more enjoyable for me than baking day. Zac came up with the project, I located a recipe, and we were off. It was all an experiment as we'd never made homemade soft pretzels. Although, back in the day we had quite the short term obsession with the frozen ones you can get at the grocery. We knew where we were aiming for at least.

It was a leisurely baking escapade. We measured and mixed and kneaded. Then we waiting for a couple of hours while the dough rose.

Then we finally got to the fun part. Rolling and shaping, dipping and salting. Piper had one piece that was her's and her's alone. She worked that little piece until it was barely pliable. Then I helped her out with the shaping. A spot designated on the baking sheet so as to not mix her's up with ours, if that would have even been possible.

Into the oven, and a few short minutes later we had wonderful, delicious, hot soft pretzels. The cheese sauce we had was sub par - we'll have to work on that one for next time. I'm sure they don't cover all the food groups, but we made them dinner. Yum. And 'mmmm it smells like fresh baked soft pretzels,' was declared by Piper over and over.

Zac wants to try gummy bears on our next baking night.

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekends' snow. Happy Monday to all.

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