December 16, 2010

Snow Flakes

Winter officially is almost here. The cold and snow, however, has been around for weeks now. One day last week Piper and I decided that it was time to take our fall leaves from the windows. After all, our inside no longer matched our outside - it was time. Piper did the take down and then both of us set to work at the mass amount of glue on the panes. Somehow it took a great deal of glue to how those guys up there. With all that scrubbing, I thought we best do our next installation with less mess and less permanency so we can take them with us. Oh yeah, did I mention we sold our house back in October and will be moving in a couple weeks?! We did. Unfortunately, where we'll be moving to isn't going to be our final destination, but a rental house.

So in the few minutes while Calder naps later than Piper, her and I cut snowflakes. She chose the colors. Really, I had nothing to do with matching the snowflakes to the curtains. Nothing, I tell you. I did the cutting - mostly.

Over the first three days of the week we decorated our windows. Piper picking which flakes hung in which window, and which were banished to the kitchen window. I chose to hang them with scraps of yarn instead of gluing them to the windows like we usually do. This way we can take them and hang them in our new windows. I like how they dance a bit when you walk by or the heat goes on.

Piper even make a couple of her own. Snowflakes that required twice as much tape as it did folding or cutting. And lots of 'writing'. She hung hers proudly on the door from the front porch.

We feel a little more festive, in season, around here now. Hope the same is happening in your home.

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