January 11, 2011

A Place To Call My Own

We're living in an apartment now, an apartment in a complex. Void of character, and I'd grown accustom to some character in my home. I've done my best to work on that. I just finished my last curtain install today. Whew!

It's close to work for Zac. Six minutes to be precise. He can come home for lunch and have plenty of time to play before he needs to head back. It's a nice apartment, roomy enough. A different kind of roomy. Although, the square footage is bigger than our old house, the allotment of space is much different. Its a challenge to figure out where to put things - this is not a challenge I'm unfamiliar with, having just moved a family of four from an 800 sq foot house. Carving out all the extra little niches I can. There are two fantastic things about this apartment. First being it's close to work.

Second best is a permanent space for this stuff:

This small drawer in a lingerie chest was how I sewed, did any crafting for that matter. And I call myself a sewer - a disgrace. I should clarify, that's my supplies. I had a bookshelf full of fabric in our old house. When we decided what was going to storage, all that was boxed up and put into storage. I'm not sure what I was thinking - I wasn't going to do any sewing till we bought a new house!? Before we moved in, I couldn't see any space here for it.

Without further ado I give you, dare I say it, ahem, my 'studio'.

At last a space for my stuff. A space that's not the dining room table and needs to be cleaned up daily before dinner is served. It's a small space, definitely not enough room for the fabric stash that's in storage. But I love it. I can sew in the littles-are-sleeping hours. Which is a surprisingly hard habit to break. I had to remind myself that I didn't need to stick to just the quiet tasks over nap time. Obviously, it's lacking some key components of a true studio. There isn't a cutting table, or storage for any sort of fabric stash. But I can turn Pandora on my laptop and get down to business here. Bliss.

Oh and did I mention... it's in the walk-in closet of our bedroom. Yeah, it is.


Anonymous said...

That's my girl...carving out a studio in a closet. So nice to be able to leave the sewing machine out. Marmar

Anonymous said...

Your studio is awesome! I agree with Marmar so nice to leave the machine out. Instead of gushing about how jealous I am I will focus my energy on being happy for you! Also, by the pics it looks like Zac is a bit of a clothes whore... just saying... LOL

Just Breathe-

HomeGrownMama said...

Thanks Mama! Yes, so nice to leave it out and available to do a few seams on short notice.


HomeGrownMama said...

Thank you so much! I'm so excited to have this little bit of space in our new home. I'm sure it will shortly be added to the list of must haves in our new house.
That picture is deceiving. I don't think he has a lot of clothes really.