January 06, 2011

Three Trips Around the Sun

Dear Piper,

I wanted you so badly long before you began your journey into our family. When I dreamed of you, I didn't fully comprehend how you'd fill my heart, my mind, my life. You've taken Papa and I on quite the adventure. One we thought we'd take - just a bit differently, but we took it as it was given to us. And we got through it. Stronger. Filled with more love than we knew to be possible.

I thank you for coming to our family. I thank you for letting me begin with you. For letting me find, and continue to find, my way as a mama - your mama, and now Calder's too. I thank you for your patience and help as I adjusted to being the mama to two. You took that adjustment in stride, mostly.

I can not begin to explain to you how you've completed me, changed me. How a lump forms in my throat and tears blur my eyes as I think of how much I love you and how proud of you I am. Piper, you are a beautiful, smart, strong-willed, unique little lady. We love every bit of it - even the parts that challenge my parenting ability on a daily basis. How did I end up with such a perfectly amazing girl!

There is so much that I hope you remember about these first three years of your life as you continue to grow. I hope you remember being two, and one, was fun! I hope that you remember the time we had with just you, Papa and me. I hope you remember how much you love your brother, your mama, your papa. I hope you remember reading late into the night, far past lights out - by light of twilight turtle. I hope you remember what a good mama you are to Rupert, Oo Oo and Chloe. I hope you remember the piles and piles and piles of books you tote with you. I hope that you remember that you're sometimes too smart for your own good, for my own good. I hope you remember that you talk far more and far better than any two year old I know. I hope you remember that you get your crab from your mama, and that I try so hard to take that in stride. I hope you remember how much you love to learn, and how naturally it comes to you. I hope you remember your sense of style, and how you impose that style onto your little brother - who doesn't care to protest, yet. I hope you remember how 'you' you are, and keep that with you always. I hope that you remember how you climbed into bed, snuggled in with Calder and I this morning and told me that you woke up three today.

Yes, Sweet P, you woke up three this morning. How did that happen!?

I love you with my whole heart!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday lovely Piper....

Your words are so eloquent Emmy. I enjoyed reading the precious tribute to Pipster!

Much love this 3rd birthday,
The Johnson's

HomeGrownMama said...

Thank you Andrea and family!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely letter to such a lovely lady. As with all things I'm sure Piper "turned" 3 in style. Such a fun little chic.

Miss you Hess Family!

Just Breathe-

Stormy said...

What a great entry. Something Piper will read for years to come I am sure. Have a great party today as you celebrate both "Mama's" and
"Piper's" beginning of another "trip around the sun.