June 06, 2011

Weekend Doings

This weekend we did Ride the Drive. It was our first year, and it was a lot of fun. We rode our bikes, Zac pulled the kids in the trailer, downtown to the event. Which turned out to be surprisingly easier than anticipated. Our ride home however, was wrought with hills. We made it, to find this...


Spent a lot of time thinking about and planning for this place. Our soon to be new-to-us home. Yeah!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Camille said...

YAY!! I am so excited about your new home, especially to see how you will Carlson/Hess-ize it. I HOPE there is a summer kitchen in the back we get to tear down!
PS Wish I could've done ride the drive with you all. Would've been dissicult in the boot..

Camille said...

Er.. Difficult (as is proofreading, apparently).

Anonymous said...

Camille you make me giggle! I love it.


HomeGrownMama said...

Thank you. I'm, we're excited too. So many plans to make it our own. She made me giggle too, Ollie.