May 25, 2011

At the Seashore

We're home from our sea shore vacation to Hilton Head, SC and Atlanta - with a day trip to Savannah and Tybee Island. Short and sweet. We took along my youngest sister - she's the last of the little-loving sisters of mine. Next year we'll have to vacation solo, unless my little brother wants to come help wrangle kids. Zac went out early for his work conference. In his absence, I made due as a single parent. The main portion of our vacation consisted of beaching. 

{Meeting it for the first time for a couple of us.}

{Testing the waters from the safety of Papa's hand - or someone's hand or arms.}

{Lounging and napping in the shade.}

{Exploring in the sand. Piper had a love hate relationship with all that sand.}

{And just taking in the vastness.}

Wishing to get through the rest of the vacation pictures soon. Hoping your week was lovely.

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