July 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Today was a big day for our family, we closed on our new home this morning. Our for-a-very-long-time home. We're so happy to have found it.  We went straight 'home' after our closing. Piper held the new keys. It was a bit surreal going in by ourselves for the first time - we'd been waiting for this day for months now. It didn't have any of our stuff, nor our smell, but it was ours. 

We had cake, that Piper and I made yesterday, in celebration of our new beginnings in this place. I think us girls were the most excited about this celebration, as we planned it. Calder was just happy to have been given chocolate milk. Zac busily walked around documenting the house, which we didn't do in our last house and always regretted it, before we put any of us into it. 

Then we got right to work. The littles and I attacked this room while Zac pulled up the very (very!) old linoleum in the kitchen. This will soon be Calder's room. Very man's office-ish, no? 

All that not so cute wallpaper you see came down. We still have a bit of paper backing to scrape from the walls, then to wash them before we can start painting. But I already feel it's much improved. We forgot to take an end of day one picture, but will first thing tomorrow. 

Zac has already met neighbors on both sides of us and a few others from across the street. As my mom says, he's good for that. And many other things - of course.


Emily Krenzke said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Anonymous said...

Calder donning a bow-tie will fit well in his office :) So excited for your deserving family!
Can't wait for the party!

Just Breathe,