July 26, 2011


Well we're eleven days in, and we've been busy. We move in two days. A lot has been done, yet there is a lot left to do. Here is a little peek at some of what we've been doing. Please excuse the pictures, I took many of them quickly as we left the house tonight. 

Calder's room: remember that lovely wallpaper. It took two and a half days to get down. At which point I was so tired of working on it that I closed the door for a few days and went elsewhere. Finally returned to prime the walls and ceiling (had been painted to match the wallpaper - ugh!) and painted it all. The color is off in this picture, it's actually a green. Which reminds us all of a toned down version of our old living room.

The downstairs bathroom is now blue - kind of a dirty robins egg. It was a quick paint, sometimes small is good. It was (near) instant gratification. Zac even found a few minutes to install a new light for me.

Living room was the first room to be painted. Khaki/beige - boring I know compared to our last house, but I decided to go more neutral this go round. Hoping it will be easier to swap out the fabrics as I tire of them. The halls though out the house are the same color just two shades lighter.

Piper's room: it's pink! Her current favorite color. Luckily for me she chose a light shade, based on the color name - what else? She's also request stripes which we've yet to get too. Soon, I keep telling her. It was so much fun to have her come into a half painted room and jump and squeal with joy over having a pink room at last. 

Lest I make it sound as if I've done this all myself - I must say that my two Madison based sisters have been an immeasurable help in this process, and will continue to be. Without their help painting and watching littles, most of this would not be done.

Zac, along with his friend, have been working on installing a new tile floor in the kitchen in the after work hours. There is so much more that needs, we want to be done. It's slow going, but that's fine. Zac has been a good balance for me throughout these days. As I stress over what's not going to get done before we move in, he gently reminds me that we have forever. I love that... but I still can't wait to get curtains hung and things on the walls.


Anonymous said...

Love it, Love it, Love it...
Nice work. Love the paint choices! I have been looking forward to this update since you got the keys. Looks just as perfect as I imagined. Keep the posts a'coming! I can't wait to see the fabric creations!

Stormy said...

So much fun to paint... haven't had that option just yet. What was the name of Piper's color? Just pink? Curious as three year olds have the funniest words in their heads. Keep up the great work and it'll be done in no time! Can't wait to see it!

HomeGrownMama said...

Stormy, Piper picked 'Candy Mix' and for stripes she picked 'Birthday Candle'.