January 07, 2012

At It Four Years Now

Over the weekend our eldest turned four. Hard to believe we've been working hard at, and always learning on the journey of parenting for four years already. Piper certainly is her own person. So very different from her younger counterpart. Independent, but oh so very needy. Funny. Smart. Kind. Not so patient. And now a big girl.

The days leading up to the day of her birth she talked over and over about how she was going to be a big girl when she was four and all the big girls thing that accompany that title. No whining - which lasted half of the day. Drinking coffee with breakfast. On and on. Thinking she was going to wake up four and much larger in size, she was happy to announce she had indeed not 'busted out of my clothes last night'. Just minutes after waking said that she would be five soon. I begged her to slow down just a bit. Wise beyond her years she explained how it was just life to grow up. Marmar (my mom) hadn't wanted me to grow up but I did. Despite wanting her to stay little, Piper was going to be growing up. In turn, I'm growing with her; learning, changing, adapting to meet her (and Calder's) needs. Besides that I still have Calder, according to Piper. Yes, why yes I do.

Along with four other big girls we celebrated Piper. Dressed in fancy dresses - of course.


jonesfamily0331 said...

Looks like a nice party. I love the balls hanging over the table. Such awesome colors!! "Happy 'Becoming a BIG Girl' affPiper!"

HomeGrownMama said...

I'll pass along your wishes!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you....
Happy birthday to you....
Happy birthday dear Piper, happy birthday to you! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! You look beautiful, just like a princess! The party decorations look fantastic and your momma's menu looks delightful!
Much love,
The Johnsons

HomeGrownMama said...

Thank you Andrea! And I forgot to mention Stormy. The balls are tissue paper pom poms from my Pinterst board. They were super easy. We put them up in Piper's room after the party.