January 13, 2012

Things Missed

As we go through our days, I happen upon the littles in the midst of play, together play. I'm comforted that they get along - for the most part. Moments like these I wish I would be carrying my camera on me all day. But I don't. I make a habit of keeping it with in close reach, on the kitchen counter or atop the fridge. Even then it's a bit too far. By the time I retrieve my camera and return to them, they're on to something else, or have detected me and I've interrupted them. The moment is gone, saved only in my mind to be recounted later.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I do catch them on 'film'. Proof that I can show them years from now, when they're teens potentially sick of each other (that will never happen right), that they were friends once upon a time and will be again. Often I feel that there is so much pressure on their friend/sibling relationship because there is only two of them. There won't be another sibling to run to when they're mad at each other- like I had times seven. This is it for them. I hope with my whole being that they each turn out to be people that the other can love, accept, support, defend and be friends with.

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jonesfamily0331 said...

Moments like these are SO sweet! Congratulations on capturing it on film! I too hope that our children grow to be such sweet friends to each other.