May 26, 2009

Breathing Room, If Only For a Day

We were only home for a few days between our vacation to California and our Memorial Day weekend at Zac's sister's property. Which meant a lot of laundry and unpack and repacking. Our weekend was a little too 'roughing it' for Piper and I. I much prefer camping with water and toilet facilities. But it was an adventure. Piper, we found, is loved by mosquitoes. She must be one tasty lady.

We went to a flea market on Sunday where Piper asked for popcorn, which she's never had before. I asked her if she even liked popcorn, to which she looked at me and said, 'yea, yea.' She tried popcorn, and she was right she did like it. So much so that when I asked what she wanted for breakfast this morning she replied, 'pop.' Great we created a monster.

Zac got to go fishing, his typical once a summer excursion. Piper had fun playing with her cousin and their dogs. We all came home exhausted, dirty and happy to be home. Sorry no pictures to post, we left our camera at home.

Last week while we were working on California laundry Piper found that one rag, her version of a blanket, is never enough. When given the opportunity, take a whole arm full.

Since we're home for one full day and the laundry/clean up is not on the top of my to-do list, since I'm pretty sure I just did that, I've decided to work on some projects for Piper and cure my sewing jones. After our homebirther's group this last Friday Piper and I went to Gayfeather Fabrics on Willy St. I was searching for fabric for Piper's and my dress for my brothers wedding. Only requirement is the color brown. Simple enough task you'd think, but I found nothing that I couldn't live without. Not to worry, I didn't come away empty handed. There were too many other gorgeous choices. I got this, which I promptly washed and cut into today.

The results are yet to come. As well as a second project I started today. These of course in the midst of other projects that must be done at a certain time but have yet to come to fruition for me....ah what to do.

Hope everyone had a beautiful long weekend! We leave again tomorrow for Minneapolis, yet another conference for Zac that Piper and I will be tagging along to.

:: UPDATE :: Here is what came of my day of sewing...

A bag for my budding bag lady, so she doesn't have to carry around my far-too-large-for-her knitting bag.

And a Simple Sundress. It's a prototype of the one I'm making her for my brother's wedding.

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Stormy said...

I "sew" wish I had a small amount of your talents. I love the dress you made and the new fabric you picked up. Very nice stuff!! Have a safe trip to MN.