May 18, 2009

Where We've Been

Things we learned in CA:
  • It's not any easier, nor does it require less gear, to travel with a 16 month old than with an 8 month old.
  • Eight days is a long time to live in a hotel room with a toddler.
  • Having a sister travel with you is a wonderful help.
  • We love the beach!
  • Piper loves the hot tub.
  • Piper can drink through a straw!
Some pictures from our trip...

:: South Beach ::

:: Huntington Beach ::

:: Napping; Huntington Beach ::

:: Lounging; Huntington Beach ::

:: Santa Monica Pier ::

:: Farris wheel; Santa Monica Pier ::

:: Santa Monica Pier ::

:: Santa Monica Pier ::

:: Playground; Venice Beach ::

:: Venice Beach ::

:: Venice Beach ::

:: Zimmer Children's Museum ::

:: It's a Piper airplane at the museum!! ::

:: Misting fan at the LA Zoo ::


Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful out there. Annika has the exact same swimsuit! Too funny!


Stormy said...

Looks like a great vacation visiting all those beaches!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of her running through the mist at the zoo! She's kicking that other baby's butt!