May 01, 2009

A May Day

Our week had been mellow. Just the standard routine around here. Sometimes a week like this is nice, and much needed. Time to just let the constant list of things you want to get done circulate in your head. A little bit of sewing, a lot of knitting, and some time spent out of doors.

I've worked on this project for Piper for the last few days. Each day Zac lovingly reminded me how I hate birds. There is something irresistibly cute about stuffed birds made of fabric. Zac will need to help me rig up some fishing wire to hang this upstairs for Piper. It's a completely *free* project. All the fabrics are from my scrap basket, left over thread, stuffing repurposed from a pillow I grew tired of years ago, and a fallen branch from the willow tree in the back yard. Found a random Binger hair here and there in the stuffing. Now there's a little bit of Binger in this project. The bird pattern came from here.

: : And of course we couldn't head into the weekend without some random monkey love from Piper : :

Happy May Day to all!


Anonymous said...

You could totally hang the birds from your store front window.
Love it :)

HomeGrownMama said...

I so love that you comment on nearly every post! Much appreciated.

DiAnne said...

Oh my gosh. I love the birds. You are so talented. Patience and creativity, I do not have... You are blessed.
Piper is adorable. Really growing.