June 25, 2009

Morning Scene

I had a craving this morning, which really started last night as I was going through old magazines to recycle....crepes. I hadn't had them in so long and just couldn't put it off one day longer. With reckless abandon Piper and I headed out without brushing hair or teeth or putting on make-up let alone showering, to get the missing ingredient, milk. Milk is a rare commodity around here since there is no more mama's milk, seems like we're almost out just as soon as we're stocked.

Returning home we promptly set to work creating a mess and some delicious, slightly unhealthy, breakfast.

They hit the spot, as you can see by the jam smeared across my love's face. Now if you ever find yourself in Paris, and what a wonderful place to find yourself, you must have crepes from one of the street vendors. Those are simply to die for.

1 comment:

Misty said...

mmmmm Looks good Em! Fun fun! Can't wait till the dress post!