June 21, 2009

A Papa's Weekend

We had a full weekend home and away. Saturday afternoon we attended our first of the annual Friends of Homebirth picnics. It was incredible to see all the families that turned out, we are definitely not alone in our birthing choice. Such a real sense of community among a group that is so like us but yet each unique in their own way. Amazing mamas nursing openly and baby wearing, amazing papas and kids running and playing, and amazing food.

After that we were off to Zac's old stompin' grounds to visit with some of his family. Piper got roughed up by two cousins. A lot by one, and a little by another. My poor love didn't know how tough it can be to have cousins. Zac and I are just hoping she didn't pick up any ideas. They had a family BBQ, in honor of Papa's Day. Piper tuckered out early due to lack of nap and I was given a thoughtful gift...BUTTONS, lots of buttons. Some old, some new, but all very fun.

Here is what Piper got for her Papa:

She was so excited to color it and even more excited to hand it over to her Papa. I wish the envelope hadn't gotten tossed out, it was the best part. I had helped her write out 'Papa' that she liked to point out 'p' on. Then she decided to color the envelope to the point of nearly coloring out the papa. We feel that we honor the papa of our family daily but thought it would be fun for Piper to color a card for him. And it was.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful summer solstice (a great big Happy Anniversary to my Mama and Papa - 34 years!) and that all those papas out there felt honored.

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