June 14, 2009

A Sunday Swim

Our pool opened today, well yes the city pool/beach. But I'm referring to the *pool* in our back yard. Piper and I were too relaxed today and Zac was too post-Polka-Fest-pooped-out for us to make it to the city beach before close. It was just hot enough out to put Piper in a slightly cool tub in the yard. Piper was giggly getting in and out of the tub, chasing the ball around the yard in just what nature gave her. In fact it was dinner time before she finally put her clothes back on.

We hope your weekend was enjoyable!


Anonymous said...

Too cute Emmy!
Love the painting!

Irm said...

These pictures are just too adorable. What a bathing beauty babe!

Love - Grandma & Grandpa, your biggest fans.

Misty said...

Em, now I'm hooked on you're site and you're not posting as much as I'd like! hehe Hope you're dress is going well and is done or almost done!