September 22, 2009

Fall Farming

Piper and I started our week late, we took a long weekend. It's was rainy Tuesday, not that the plants didn't need it, but not much was accomplished. Motivation comes hard on days like those. Yesterday everything was saturated, the air and the ground. Which meant drying the diapers on the line was pointless, but that's fine. We took a leisurely stroll and picked up some treasures along the way, fallen fall colored leaves. The presence of changing leaves must mean fall is here. And the start of our nature table, which I've wanted to do for some time now.

Piper and I took our long weekend at Ninepatch. Where much fun was had. We went to a very hip baby shower for my brother and his wife. It was hosted by his boss, who has an amazing home - to say the least. Quite a feast for the eyes.

Piper got a chance to really 'move cows' with Grandpapa in her barn boots. She was up early in anticipation. I *think* she must of had fun, she wanted her barn boots on first thing this morning and wore them until nap time. Good thing we decided to bring them home with us. We joked that she can be the Ninepatch baby (a la the Gerber baby.) We'd hold a contest out of fairness, but we'd already know the winner.


Anonymous said...

GREAT GREAT picture of la pip. where she's holding the fence line reel it actually looks like shes legitimately trying to work. Adorable.
Auntie Mille

Stormy said...

So nice to see the fall colors through the computer. Sure miss seeing them in person!
Looks like a great time spent on the farm. Love the pics. They look "fantastical."