September 17, 2009

Fears Overcome

I not so recently got my Grandmother's inherited serger from my parents. And as I've said to a few, I'm intimidated by it. For many reasons, first it looks intimidating (look at it), plus it cuts the fabric as you sew, most of all it was my Grandmother's. She was a wonderful sewer and took great care of all her possessions, as we all should. I felt that my using the machine meant many things to live up to. One day recently, Zac had to work late and I could think of nothing else to do. I pulled it out of the storage container, put it on the table, stared at it, inspected it and read the manual cover to cover. Still not one hundred percent sure as to what I was doing, I figured I just needed to try. And I did. A few scraps first, then I sewed some butt cloths and a diaper doubler. Nothing that exciting, but I did it. I tread in uncertain waters. I'm on my way. Still think I may need a sit down with my sewing-guru aunt for more instruction (my mama's good idea.)

As an aside... as I was making bread this morning, which by the way goes twice as fast around here as store bought bread ever did, I thought of something my friend said. At our BBQ she told my mama that I was so 'domesticated' (a compliment -- I hope.) At said BBQ, Zac's mom gave me an apron - vintage I think. As I donned the apron this morning to make our bread, I even felt 'domesticated'. Maybe it's just the thoughts of the 'domestic duties' the other women who've owned this apron have preformed in it. Regardless, it all makes me feel grounded. You'll see, apron or not, I still manage to get flour all over Two.


Anonymous said...

Domesticated is a definetely a compliment in my mind.... I'm in meed of an Emmy tutorial on my mother's/grandmother's old machine. LOL


Stormy said...

Love that we get to see how Two is growing :o)

Irm said...

A serger is the Rolls Royce of sewing machines, great for quilting. What a great gift to receive.