September 14, 2009

princesses and more

We kept busy this last week with canning peaches, a trip to the zoo and new-to-us playground, a crafternoon with a friend, lots of 'moving of the cows' in our new barn boots, some more sewing, and more playing.

Saturday we attended our niece's, Piper's cousin, princess party. The little ladies were supposed to dress up in princess outfits. Since we don't know what Disney is around here Piper wore a mama-made and mama-interpretation of a princess costume. Piper thought it was fun. Enjoyed the skirt more than the hat, as it was hard to keep on for a long time. We gave the princess of honor one of my jackets.

Then rounded out the weekend with an impromptu visit from Marmar, Grandpapa, three aunties and an uncle.

Hoping your weekend had fairytale quality.


Stormy said...

Love, Love, Love the skirt. The colors look amazing.

LaMista said...

Love the princess outfit!

You forgot about delicious dinner with your peeps, LOL:)

Grandpa said...

Disney's princesses have nothing on Piper. She was the belle of the party.