May 25, 2010

Rainy Day Purples

Some think we never have "those" kind of days around here. We do - I just choose to remember the "other" kind days. And that's what I post about here. I tell it all to Zac and move on. Yesterday was one of "those" days, one that really started the evening before.

We were all hot and lacking a nap, or a good one, and starting to walk that cranky road. Zac was off boating with friends since late afternoon. Calder didn't want to be put down, nothing seemed quite right to him. Piper was playing in the back yard with the neighbor girl. Whose uncle thought it funny to make 'scary' noises from their kitchen window. Piper ran across the yard to me yelling, 'Mama, Mama Bear!' searching for solace. That was the highlight of my evening, too darn cute to be called Mama Bear in a moment of panic.

We had late dinner and a hard time going to bed. Mid night Piper woke me to take her potty. She had already peed some in her underwear. Miraculously her sheets were not wet. Not that it mattered she wanted to sleep in our bed now. There she proceeded to barely sleep, kicking her legs non-stop trying to scratch a mosquito bite she had on her inner calf. Kept both (part of the night - all three) of us up until Calder woke in the early morning to nurse. I convinced her to lay in her bed while I nursed Calder and fell asleep. Came running in just a couple of hours later crabby from lack of sleep and angry for not being retrieved back to my bed. Calder was up now too.

We got out of bed, crabby myself for not getting a good nights sleep or allowed to sleep in a bit. Calder had wet through his diaper. As I went to change him I remembered that I forgot to wash diapers last night. We had just enough clean to make it through. Nothing was going right, both were having melt downs as I tended to the other one. Or grunted non stop because they couldn't make their body work they way they wanted it to. Frustrating for him and for me. I fed us cold cereal for breakfast and felt guilty for being so lazy. Piper said, 'we should go for a walk'. Yes, yes, yes, that was exactly what we needed (she's so smart!). We had to get out, we had to leave the house. I rushed to dress us all before another break down could occur or any thing else could be needed and not found. Finally out into the hot muggy air headed for the park. It was 9 am!

Things got better and we're completely back to normal this morning. Good nights sleep all around. Even as I write it out, it doesn't seem as bad as it did then.

Just off the needles late last week was this cute cap sleeve number in purple for my purple loving lady. In perfect time for our 80 and 90 degree days - sometimes works like that. *sigh* Living in the state we do I knew there would still be chance to debut this number. Today's rainy thunder stormy morning brought just such an opportunity.

As we went the yarn shop a couple of weeks back to pick out yarn she told me she was going to pick pink. When faced with all the choices, pink didn't even come up once. She settled on purple, it compliments her eyes beautifully.

Oh, and goes with her new favorite purple flip flops.


Neil said...

I do the same, tell Neil and move on. I hope the next day is better. I love the sweater? is that what that is called?, Georgia recieved a similar one from my Aunt only Yellow, its so pretty.

HomeGrownMama said...

Yes, the next days usually are better aren't they. I do think its categorized as a sweater. Thanks!

mle said...

Thanks for sharing your "bad" day :) Love the sweater too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your Purples... I constantly have to remind myself - this too shall pass and you're gonna miss this...

Breathe Deep,