August 03, 2010


Zac was off fishing in Canada for five days. I packed up the littles and headed for farming. On this trip we had no agenda. My brother and his wife were visiting too. Which was great since our visits don't often overlap. Wednesday we met the Wausau family for Concert on the Square, had a quick play date with friends we don't see often - even when we're up for a visit often, and a visit to the Ninepatch stand at the farmers' market. But mostly, we did nothing in particular.

On this trip farming meant:

Playing on the back porch with your diaper half off.

Drawing on the kitchen floor with a cute hairdo provided by Auntie. (Not sure how she manages to get those braids in such short hair.)

Meeting Pheobe - the bottle fed calf. (I asked Ollie where the mama was. Ollie replied, 'hamburger.' Piper took it all in stride, asking, 'where's her papa?')

'Assisting' with the bottle feeding twice a day nearly everyday.

Watching the many hummingbirds play around the feeders.

Looking cute in a new mama-made skirt with yet another snack in hand.

Playing in the rain. She requested to dance in the rain but settled for soccer instead.

I imagine by now you're sick of seeing more farming pictures. But its my retreat for many reasons. Something about being there, with extra help, extra love and not being responsible for the putting the food on the table makes me feel like a kid again/still.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think there is a better place for kids to be than on a farm. I'm so glad I got to experience many years of living the life and I am very happy that I still have plenty of family in the business. Truly brings a lot of great memories.


HomeGrownMama said...

I'm glad that farming has a fond place in your heart. I agree, I think its a great environment and very educational for kids to have access to the farm. I particularly appreciate the type of farming that my parents have chosen.