July 23, 2010


We had our second midway picnic of the year this week. It was a gorgeous day for it too. Sunshine and hot, but nice in the shade.

Piper went swimming with Uncle Gabriel, Calder and I dipped our toes in and played in the sand and rocks. We found some new shells for our nature table. Calder debuted one of two (three were planned but not accomplished) pairs of mama-made lounge pants.

But most of all we enjoyed the company. And we'll get more of it next week as we're headed for more farming! Maybe I can get my little model so show off her new skirt and jacket (not the one from the last post - I've made two new ones!) before then. First I need to talk her into wearing something other than the tutu she's been wearing for days.

We got oodles of rain and storming here yesterday late afternoon and evening. We're all safe and dry. Hoping that's true for those of you that got some of the same. Enjoy your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pants! Nice and comfy :)