November 18, 2010

Little Bit Of Warmth

Since we haven't talked knitting in a while...
It's no secret that I run cold, or that I dislike winter - or more specifically cold weather. This old house of ours isn't well insulated, I feel chilly most of the time. So I layer and wear wool socks and slippers and scarves. This year I thought I'd try something new. A shawl - sounds old lady doesn't it? Not to offend any of you young ladies that sport these.

I wasn't convinced I'd like it when I cast it on my needles. The yarn had been in my stash for years. Cast on as one project only be be frogged barely in. I felt I had nothing to loose, save some time. Not to mention that its a small shawl that doubles as a scarf, as I mentioned - another cold weather staple for me.

I love it! I'm a shawl kind of girl I guess. I bound off a bit over a week ago. And wore it immediately and non stop for a couple of days. I didn't even bother to block it. It's like the perfect sized blanket that can tuck right under your arms to keep it put. It provides a surprising amount of warmth considering its size.

I finally took it off to block it this week. Then handed Piper the camera (scary - for a few reasons) and had her snap a few pictures. I'm satisfied that I indulged myself and knit something for myself. In fact, this has inspired me to do sew myself a few things too. Maybe when my to-do sewing/knitting list starts to dwindle, I might even indulge myself in another.


Anonymous said...

I love your shawl! I'm very impressed at your skills Em.
Love Ollie

HomeGrownMama said...

You're too kind Ollie. Thanks!


mle said...

I love it!!

HomeGrownMama said...

Thank you Emily.

Camille said...

That is extremely sweet. I love it!