November 15, 2010


Piper has a project she's working on for one of her cousins. One that she's come up with almost completely on her own. I've given her some direction on what we could do with her idea. But over all its her concept, a project all her own. A project which she decided required some extra research.

Research that came in the form of play and fun at the zoo. I was happy to oblige her with a research based field trip.

This unusually warm November weather proved perfect for a late in the year trip. So many of the animals were out enjoying the weather. The lion was roaring, loudly. We even got an up close view as the tiger paced back and forth in front of the glass.

Piper decided that I'd be her research assistant. I had suggested she bring one of her drawing pads and pencils. She opted for the camera. Directing me to take pictures of her favorite animals so she could look at them later.

I think we're going to love homeschooling! Hope this week brings more joy and adventure.


mle said...

Ooohh! Were you at the Milwaukee Zoo? We should meet up there sometime! We would like to go to the Madison Children's Museum too, have you been there recently? We just got a pass that includes it reciprocally.

HomeGrownMama said...

Emily, We were at Vilas in Madison. Yes, we should meet up. Either here or there. We have been to the new children's museum in Madison a number of times. Its gorgeous and amazing. Let us know when you're coming. I am still trying to plan to go to Betty Brin.