November 02, 2010

Sister Bear

Let me start this post by saying, if you didn't know already, we LOVE the Berenstain Bears around our home. LOVE THEM. I'm new to costume making. Have only made two or three so far in my mama-hood. Piper wanted to dress as Sister Bear for Halloween (and beyond- I'm sure.) Really she had plans for us all to be Berenstain Bears. I pulled off Sister and Brother and called it quits.

Brother's costume luckily required no sewing. Sister's costume I made from scratch. Maybe I'm a bit of a purest. I see the resemblance, but I wanted it to be exact. The pink is a little too light and there aren't any brown or tan dots in the book. It was good enough to satisfy Piper. She wore it out trick-or-treating for the first time ever- we just went to the neighbor's houses. She even got a few pieces of candy out of it.

Hope you all had lovely harvest days.


Anonymous said...

They look so good! Is Calder really standing there, all by himself? Impressive/
Love, Ollie

Anonymous said...

Love it! Can you believe Hannah hasn't asked for her candy?!? All that walking and fresh air for nothing... LOL

Hope yo see you soon!

Just Breathe-

HomeGrownMama said...


He's hanging on, not standing on his own...yet.


Storm said...

So cute. Would have been fun to see you all dressed up as the family. Although for some reason Papa & Momma Bear seem so much older than you guys :o) Good job on the sewing!!