August 02, 2011

Moving Along

We're getting there. Settled in that is, but very slowly. We're on the, we-have-two-kids-and-a-kitchen-in-the-midst-of-some-updates pace. Slowly we are getting used to things in a new spot, or faucets that run a bit differently than we're used to, or trying to figure how these cabinets were ever functional for the previous owners and working on adjusting before we decide to go our own way. In some moments I feel as though we're just borrowing this space, because it all feels so different.

I have learned my limits for home improvements since we went through this with our last house. I know that I can't handle pulling everything apart and slowly putting it back together. Not now that my work is my family and home and I don't leave the mess behind all day. One thing at a time.

We still look like this through out most of the house. Many boxes unpacked and things out of place. There are walls that are still not painted and I think that I'll be painting trim for a year's time.  I have yet to hang anything on the walls or windows. The list goes on, and on... and on. But I finally have more than just a path cleared and a load of laundry in the machine, and that's something.

Luckily, some spots are closer to being set up. Giving a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

Some spots were set up first thing and have been used many times over. A spot where the littles can retreat too, away from the rest of the mess. Where they can surround themselves with their own mess. Something they are quite used to.

Then there is nothing like a nearly complete new floor and just delivered pretty appliances to make you over look the silly things like not having any baseboards. Or having your dishwasher where your dining room table should be.

These things are not important anyway, right?


Anonymous said...

Things are looking great for you! It only took me about 3 years to get comfortable in my house :)


HomeGrownMama said...

It's such an evolution, isn't it?!