September 05, 2011

Sand Play

We started our weekend with rain. But we ended up getting my goal project for the weekend done, well almost. Usable - I consider that done...ish. We built a sandbox. Yeah, finally something for the kids to do in the back yard other than wander around in the weeds. I spent a few nights searching online for plans. In the end I put together my own by combining a few. A quick trip to the hardware store for wood and we set to work. We used all cedar, despite the higher cost, I love the natural look of cedar and its abilities to withstand being out in the elements - and I couldn't see us putting littles out to play in a box made of treated lumber. 

Piper watched and waited while Zac drilled pilot holes I had marked. Her job was to wipe away the saw dust and keep track of how many boards and holes there were to drill. She was the perfect helper. Often a little jumpy to get in there but we got it done without any mishaps.

Then we had a box.

And she played. And played.

They played. And he tasted the sand, of course.

I think this will provide many many hours of play, and learning. The woman who helped me load bag, after bag of sand into our car told me that sand and water play are the best ways for littles to learn. She's a teacher she knows. I'm inclined to believe her. I'm already a firm believer in learning through play. So learn on little ones, learn on!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! 

p.s. Sorry for the long gap in posting. I was kind of taking advantage of only having our iPad and not being able to post. Plus I was a bit busy. Most of you saw with what at our picnic. Thanks to all of you who came. We had a truly wonderful time - despite the scare of rain. ~emmy 

** Update ** The sandbox is officially finished. It has a cover! 

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