September 11, 2011

Movie Out

Something I've been waiting to do for oh so long. An outdoor movie, feels so vintage, so big, adventurous and almost romantic - sitting under the stars with all of nature's sounds around us. On a whim, I asked Zac, while at work on Friday, to borrow a projector so that we could set up an outdoor movie in our backyard. It was actually, fairly unplanned right up to set up. Picking the movie just before dinner, searching for a large sheet and way to secure it to the garage wall. Luckily we started while there was still enough light left in the day. And it all worked out. It was so enjoyable, finding that I much prefer flying by the seat of our pants sometimes. 

With the air turning cool, we indulged in a bit of hot chocolate (at bedtime!) to keep all toasty and warm. Piper actually made her mug last for the full length of the movie, taking the last sip as the credits began to roll. Such will power.

Eagerly awaiting our next movie out of doors. In fact we may make a little event of it. Piper thanked me at the end of it, I'm sure prompted by Zac - but regardless, I felt like my idea was fun and we all had a wonderful time.

Hoping your weekend was filled with some type of wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I believe you may have suggested movie night out in the chilly autumn air just so that you would have an excuse for hot chocolate Emmy Lou!
Love, Ollie (who likewise looks for reasons to drink that choco)

HomeGrownMama said...

I think it may have been a happy coincidence...maybe. :)