April 28, 2009

Trying it Out

Is it just me or does everyone think a vacation warrants a new bag? Ok, maybe it is just me. I have harbored a small love for bags since I was very young. We're heading out to the west coast with a new jumbo sized tote. I went a little out of my *comfort* zone with this one. I'm not a yellow girl, but something about this butterscotch canvas spoke to me at the fabric shop. I like it, and it will be a little twist on my normal color scheme. This bag is another pattern from Weekend Sewing.

Large enough to carry around everything we'll need for our day excursions and on the plane... and in a pinch it's a baby carrier. After all we had to give it a good trial run, make sure we took all possible scenarios into consideration. We're, I'm, hoping this scenario doesn't play out. She's heavier than she looks, I tell you. Particularly, on one arm. Luckily, I made the straps a little thicker than called for to avoid the shoulder dig in of a heavy load.

On a side note: This last Saturday we gifted this sundress and bloomers to our niece. It was my first attempt at smocking. In my opinion it came out pretty nice. For a little flair I paired the green dress with teal bloomers. When she lifts her skirt (gasp), everyone is in for a good shock.

Yet another set of Weekend Sewing patterns. Some may call that an obsession, I prefer to call it a theme.


Anonymous said...

Good Job Emmy!
Love the sundress :)
The labels look fantastic. Way to go!


Anonymous said...

Super cool Bag!
I especially love it with Piper in it! She looks amused..

Anonymous said...

That was me Camille. It used to pop up and say my name... I thought.