July 15, 2009

Coffee and Art

On this damp, from last night's rain, morning Piper and I hunkered down at the dining room table for some coffee and art.

Iced coffee, a very big weakness for me, made in our just received coffee pot. Oh so good, even though its decaf. The pot is cool looking, I'm tempted to never put it away in a cupboard. Thank you to my Mama and Papa for the anniversary gift!

Then we started with the art. Piper had some fun with a big ball of homemade play dough. She tried two bites and spit them both out. I didn't mind letting her try it, its colored with ground turmeric so absolutely no toxins in there. She mostly just liked to squish it between her fingers and pull off little pieces.

(The 'artwork' on her face: a result from some playing in the play house with her Hess cousin. Oops. No worries, it will heal before she gets married, as my Grandpa would always tell me.)

Next up, homemade watercolors. This required putting on a smock since I saw the potential, and right I was, for a big mess. She loved that she was given a little dish of water (which she eventually dumped) and quickly took to the process of dipping the brush in the water, paint, and then onto the paper.

: : the resulting artwork, a Piper original for her portfolio : :

I also wanted to share, slightly off subject - but just as beautiful, the first bouquet Piper has picked and given to me. Clovers.

On a side note regarding the blog. We've added a 'Loving' section on the side bar. A few of our favorite sites for the moment. One is Zac's new company website (YEAH!). Enjoy!

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