July 25, 2009

Yet Another

I once again made this little jacket for a friend's two year old. Every time I make it I can't get over how darn cute it is.

Piper had been waiting for days to put this one on. And was thrilled when the time came to model it. She's a big fan of polka dots and buttons, this has both. She had a firm grip on the buttons in every picture I took.

Good thing I don't have more sewing time or Piper would have a dozen of them. But alas she only has one, which is by far not the cutest one I've made. I do have this grand plan in my mind of working it into a winter jacket for her. How cute would that be!


Misty said...

I love this one! Ever think of making an adult sized? I can see you in one!

HomeGrownMama said...

I have, and I've had many people who asked about adult sized. I honestly, think as cute as it is in kids size it might look just silly in adult size. But we'll see where that road leads us.

Irm said...

The jacket is cute, but the model is adorable.