July 30, 2009

The Rainy Morning Lazy Days Skirt

We had a rainy morning, no complaints, we needed it and we had no pressing things to do outside. After all the sewing lately for other people, I felt some 'for-us' sewing was in order. I finished up the cafe curtains for the kitchen I'd been tinkering with for a few days and moved on to something for Piper.

The Lazy Days Skirt pattern has been in my binder for months now, just haven't gotten around to using it. I dug out enough left over fabric and some ribbon that Piper picked out on a trip to the fabric store. Set to work. Thirty minutes later, minus the breaks to get drinks and put sandals on Oo oo ah ah, we had a new skirt.

Perfect for twirling (with our milk in our mouth nonetheless.)

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